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Amorphous / Cabinet I

Category: Bar

Year: 2023

Material: Brass, Plywood, Alpi Wood Veneering

Dimensions: 93,6cmx50cmx177,5cm

The first showcase of the Cabinet 001 will be part of  Milan Design Week between 16-23 April 2023.

Cabinet 001 is a unique piece of furniture that transcends time and style. Inspired by the concept of time travel, this sculptural cabinet blends design elements from different eras to create a statement piece that stands out in any space. With a bold stance and striking features, Cabinet 001 seemlessly blends different periods of architecture and design by being a homage to the Art Deco period and the Memphis Design movement while incorporating its own eclectic twist.

As a drinking cabinet, Cabinet 001 embodies the rituals of celebration, partying, and enjoyment by inviting you to elevate your daily routines and embrace an utopian way of living.
During the design process of the cabinet, creating a sculptural piece with sleek and non-conventional elegance through bold colors, patterns and sweeping curves was prioritized. The product is delightfully shaped with artisanal local craftsmanship. Its softly curved silhouette is made of bent plywood and the inner and outer shells are veneered with wood while design enriched with partial stainless brass touches, and leather
accessories. High-contrast material selection is entitled to be an example of eclecticism and exclusiveness.

Cabinet 001 is a work of art that represents the essence of time travel and luxury while giving physical form to abstract ideas.

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