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Salon Chair

Category: Seating

Year: 2023

Material: Flexible Plywood, Wood Veneer, Cotton Velvet

Dimensions: W 71.8 cm,

D 61,8 cm, H 68 cm

Lately, Studio Lugo seeks to create products that serve as tools for celebration, laughter, and shared experiences within the gatherings. An exemplary manifestation of this philosophy is the Salon Armchair. The
armchair finds its inspiration in the illustrious salon, a sophisticated gathering where individuals convene to exchange ideas, "either to please or to educate". The objective of the armchair is to embody an imaginative
spatial concept, offering a modern reinterpretation of gatherings.

Introducing a collectible seating element in a sleek capsule shape, veneered with exquisite wood. Salon Armchair showcases a discerning choice of upholstery crafted from luxurious, mohair textile. Through its
carefully curated shape, material selection, and overall composition, the product encapsulates the very essence of salon gatherings.

The Salon Armchair goes beyond its sleek appearance with a thoughtful design that allows it to function as a swivel chair. This feature functionality allows users to rotate the armchair smoothly and effortlessly, providing
versatility.Furthermore, this product provides a high level of customization through its selectional features.Final users can choose between alternatives including with or without armrest, a side table attachment, and a diverse range of upholstery finishes according to their taste.

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