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Seljj Table

Category: Table

Year: 2023

Material: Lacquared Mdf, Wood Veneer, Polished Steel


W 260 cm x D 130 cm x H 75 cm

W 215cm x D 107.5 cm x H 75 cm

W 447.5 cm x D 161.5 cm x H 75 cm

Studio Lugo is pursuing the design of products that magnify the essence of celebration and laughter, fostering unforgettable experiences. One such product that embodies this vision is Seljj Table.Anatolian Seljuk art has employed geometric compositions, incorporating polygons, triangles, and emerging geometric patterns within its designs. Drawing inspiration from this art form, Seljj Table utilizes geometric transformations within the transitioning from a fractured form to a circular shape, and vice versa. The design itself serves as a documentation of this metamorphosis, capturing a cross-section of the transformation process.Drawing inspiration from this art form, the Seljj Table features a custom-shaped polygonal super glossy
lacquered table top designed to maximize users' interactions with each other from various seating angles. The table has three legs with two distinguishing forms. Two of the legs combine a semi-dodecagon (a 12-sided polygon) with a semi-circular form, seamlessly joined together as a single piece. In contrast, the third leg takes on a fractured outline of the dodecagon. This combination provides visual contrast in both form and material.The polished steel and lacquered-combined legs are intentionally chosen as materials to manipulate the space and symbolize transformation within the ambiguous process of metamorphosis.

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